The entire reason we exist is because of what Jesus did over 2000 years ago.  When Jesus Christ walked the earth, He connected with everyone He encountered.  He cared for the hurting.  He healed the sick. He loved the unlovely.  He forgave the sinner.  He rebuked the hypocrites.  He was real.  And it didn’t end with His death.  Instead, His resurrection is where it all began.

Jesus is a member of the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is the Creator of everything.  He came to Earth in human flesh in order to reveal His love and His plan to us.  He loves us and desires a personal relationship with us.  No doubt about it, Jesus is alive!  And when He lives inside us, we come alive.

You might ask, “How does this happen?”  We become spiritually alive because when Jesus died on the cross, He paid for the sins of the world–past, present, and future.  With payment made in full, all that’s left is your response.  It’s as simple as asking, believing, and confessing… kind of like ABC.

If you desire the assurance of salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus, let this be YOUR prayer:

Dear Father,

I now believe that Jesus Christ is Your only Son, that He came to Earth in the flesh and died on the Cross to take away all of my sins and the sins of this world. I believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead proving once and for all that He is Lord and Savior of the world.

Lord Jesus, I now confess to You all of the wrong and sinful things of my life.  I ask for Your forgiveness, and I thank You for washing away all of my sins.  I want to recognize You as my personal Lord and Savior, and I’m ready to live for You.   Thank You for living inside of me through the presence of the Holy Spirit.
If you  prayed this prayer and have received Jesus as your Savior and Lord – WELCOME TO THE FAMILY OF GOD!  Please send us a message and let us know.