Power Station is a place where children can get excited about Jesus Christ – a place where children have so much fun learning how awesome God is, that they don’t want to miss a single week! Our mission is to bring children closer to Jesus.

Grow Up!

When you make Jesus the leader of your life, you become a baby—spiritually speaking—whether you’re a kid or an adult. But kids and adults who choose to start following Jesus need to mature and grow. It’s not okay to stay a baby in your heart. Grow up for God, and be mature. Live like Him, every day, by turning your back on sin, whining, wrong thinking, selfish actions, and owning your own spiritual growth!

October 6 | No Stinking

October 13 | No Excuses

October 20 | No Whining

October 27 | Take Care of Yourself


Worship Song | Feeling Like Christmas


Worship Song | Go Tell It On The Mountain